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managed to set up all hardware and software on this instance free of charge (except email delivery which uses aws ses but i could've set up local smtp) with free domain from freenom, free TLS cert from Let's Encrypt, free VPS server from Oracle, and free software from Mastodon and Postgres etc. Took a bit of effort to set it all up but i'm surprised at how smooth it's all running

just did a search for “how to press tofu”. finally i’m a full vegan

i wanna adopt a rescue lab beagle

happy day after winter/summer solstice to all. brighter/darker days from here on out

@garrows great seeing ya on the weekend mate. cheers!

so ... putin gonna cark it soon or what

all i need is beer and cake and friends

getting started doing some actual coding on my fedora thinkpad and yeah it's pretty great

looking forward to the elvis movie

roast potatoes for lunch oh yeah and arrest trump

algorithms that boost content based on "engagement" are a mistake

i assumed unattended-upgrades for security updates was enabled by default on ubuntu server but i keep logging in and seeing security updates so?

do people know that instead of hunting an innocent animal for "fun" they can literally just do something else or

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