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managed to set up all hardware and software on this instance free of charge (except email delivery which uses aws ses but i could've set up local smtp) with free domain from freenom, free TLS cert from Let's Encrypt, free VPS server from Oracle, and free software from Mastodon and Postgres etc. Took a bit of effort to set it all up but i'm surprised at how smooth it's all running

might screw around and make an algorithmically controlled stable coin

still mad at the guardian for giving jojo rabbit (one of the greatest films in history) a 1 star review what an absolute disgrace

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not sure how this @vegan guppe group thing works but always up for making some more friends on here so i guess we'll see. hi there :panda_eat:

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what action should i take against myself?? lol

hey can someone please flag this post? i wanna see what it does on a single-user instance. cheers

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Stopped in Euroa for coffee and a break. There is a cafe here that does vegan snacks and I even got an oat milk flat white!

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@eeby yeah i watched the "feels good man" doco a little while ago. nuts what happened to matt furie's creation and toally not fair. na they don't get to take it like that. i love that he is suing them to take it back

brb getting coffee :pepecoffee: (have we reclaimed pepe yet or?)

thanks for the follow @nanda @bunnegirl @grant fancy seeing you here

i don't reckon elon will buy the bird site tbh

making vegan katsu curry which is fast becoming a family favourite

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Not sure if I've posted this here yet but here is my latest Substack newsletter. Give it a read and share.

transferred games over from bethesda to steam. farewell old bethesda launcher. might play through quake again

update on this thanks to @lamp

"that's cuz elasticsearch is assumed to be used on a dedicated host and will allocate like half of the ram... create the file /etc/elasticsearch/jvm.options.d/mem.options with the following content...
-Xms1G make it use 1GB for example."

totally works. now using around 2gb ram

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