what i don't get about nix is why not just make it `nix install mkcert` or something similar instead of `nix-env -iA nixpkgs.mkcert` which is nuts. is there a way to alias this command i wonder

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@e yeah that's an option. i'm still new to nix. is it better to use nix-shell all the time? like a sandbox type style? i was trying to just install stuff to run later with just a command. maybe i'm doing it wrong

@josh that's how I do it, and then when I want preset environments I just put a shell.nix in my project folders and type 'nix-shell'
@josh its very neat but it comes with a lot of papercuts D: I might go back to it if I have a couple of free days but im concerned about dealing with precompiled DAW plugins D:
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