Gonna try to set up an ssh port forwarding tunnel à la @ash's setup here. I just think it's really neat! ash.ms/2022/10/04/a-self-hoste

What an ordeal. Ordered some "extra strong self-sealing" bike tubes for next time. Let's hope they do the job.

@ash here's one I prepared earlier 🚂 🛤️

Gotta go pick up my bike with the flat tyre and take it home on the train 🙃

Fancy vegan option at the Queensland Art Gallery for lunch. Delicious cauliflower 😋

Going on a work excursion to the museum

@harrym it was going well, then I got a flat tyre whoops lol

Flat tyre on the bike track :( gonna really have to look into some of those tubeless options soon

why does daylight always need saving? girl get help

I don't think I've had a good night's sleep in years

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