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Here's our story "Queen Elizabeth's empire is a shadow of its former might — but its damage can't be undone" feat. interactive spinning globe map coded by yours truly. Give it a read. Give it a share. Cheers mates!

Excellent article about the British Empire - its contraction and its legacy. (And it’s pretty cool seeing the name of one of my Masto friends as one of the creators.)

#britishEmpire #colonialism #queenElizabethII

Got a story coming out tomorrow morning so keep a look out for it on Australia’s #1 news website. It’ll be the one about the Queen.

when ur (mostly) functional programming and you give urself 1 little sneaky data mutation as a treat

here's the little one (as requested by @Finner) took them out for a little photoshoot lol. started out as a little budget gaming rig a few years ago but has now nearly had every part upgraded. quite a decent machine now :)

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I love how @ash's site always comes up first when you search "world map geojson". Such a great resource!

so i'm going ahead and blocking some domains like and just so i don't have to see their braindead posts every so often. any others i should block? is gab on mastodon still a thing? are they auto-blocked?

accidentally wandered into some pretty unsavoury recesses of the fediverse .... yikes

pour one out for lizzy (a steaming hot cup of english breakfast)

After almost 12 years with my old trusty Acer I thought it finally time for a monitor upgrade. Say hello to my new child. I shall call him “Screeny Boy”.

god save the king i guess when's the next game of thrones out

more pasta for lunch, truly the food of the gods

I don’t have too much to add. I can’t for the life of me find it online, but I have a vivid memory of visiting the National Portrait Gallery in London. Being simply blown away by a piece similar to these they have there of Elizabeth. What a life to lead. What elevations we give.

monitor didn't arrive yesterday ....... apparently it's coming today :/

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